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2 Days in Osaka

Less than 60 days...

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As the clock ticks down, I am still doing my due diligence and checking out the typical 'how to's' when it comes to travelling around the country. Having ensured that I reserved all the proper hotels in each city, bought a JR Rail pass for my trips between the major cities (I bought the pass that covers the whole country, so it was more costly than the ones that are by region), made sure the passports are good, and I have been scouring the internet looking at reviews of places to visit and eat, I am beginning to feel better. Of course, the purpose of good and solid planning prior to a trip is to have limited or as few headaches as possible.

I've done trips where I reviewed and pre-planned everything, and I have done trips where I literally just hopped on the plane and went with no idea where I would go except for the arrival airport. For Japan, and the fact that I am taking my son, I wanted to make sure that he has as enjoyable a trip as I can provide for him. It is not everyday that one can take a 15 year old on the trip of a lifetime!

That being said, our travel itinerary will have taken us to Tokyo, Nikko, and Kyoto by the time we reach Osaka. We should have crawled around in Shinjuku, Chibuya, Harajuku, in Tokyo; as well as 2-days in the city of Nikko visiting the resting place of the first Tokugawa Shogun, the Red Bridge, and of course; Edo Wonderland. Afterwards, heading on the JR Pass, we will have arrived in Kyoto where we will have visited the Monkey Park, Nara, and done a crawl through Gion district and a few other places. After all this, we will arrive in Osaka for 2 days.

One of the things I keep hearing about is the Dotonbori area. It is supposed to be a major hustle-n-bustle area with a fantastic nightlife and many stores and shops to visit. Additionally, there is Osaka Castle (which I have been told is lovely to look at but not overly interesting on the inside). I will learn that for myself, as part of my whole reason for going to Japan is to gaze upon the Edo period castles, crawl through them, and feel the history. I know that Osaka castle has been built, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, and rebuilt again... but that hardly matters to me. No one rebuilt it like a skyscraper and planted a giant 'Here once stood Osaka Castle, majestic and lovely, now here is a Starbucks' sign. They rebuilt the castle, and I for one, want to see and experience it! Doesn't matter if it is 1 year old or 1,000 years old. The place has the history. Men and women of great importance walked this place, rebuilt or otherwise. They were there. I mean to see it in all its rebuilt and renovated glory. I believe that those of us who love Japan and its amazing culture should too.

We will remain in Osaka for two days, after which we will be heading southwards again, this time to the city of Himeji. However, it is my understanding that in the city of Osaka there stands a Pokémon store. Largest in the world, with every card ever made... many of which probably never make it to the States. My son, who collects these, has repeatedly noted that this is one of the things he is most interested in visiting. A 7-story building of nothing but Pokémon. As someone who appreciates the hobby of collecting, I can hardly refuse him (although my interests are not in Pokémon cards).

Also, as I end this small blog entry for today (I've been incredibly busy of late), I am extremely happy to report that the Sake Brewery in Nikko has replied to me via email for a tour! They were very, very nice. I even offered to bring a gift, which they politely noted that our presence was all that mattered. (Too bad for them... I'm bringing a gift from America regardless, as good manners would suggest). So on June 9th, I will be taking a tour of a 200 year old Sake Factory, and will make sure to stop by their family shop and purchase a few bottles of their family label to bring back home with me.

If any of you are planning to visit Nikko; here is the information of their place:

代表取締役 片山 貴之
〒321-1263 栃木県日光市瀬川146-2
TEL0288-21-0039 FAX0288-22-6911

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